Avi Bar-Or, Consulting Actuary


 Education & Academic activity:

Diploma in Actuarial Science, Tel-Aviv University

B.A. Economics & Statistics, Haifa University

Diploma, Financial Management, the Israel Management Center

Lecturer, Actuarial Practice, Haifa University

Senior Lecturer at the College of Insurance, Tel-Aviv

Senior Lecturer, C.L.U. Programme, the College of Insurance,


Lecturer, Natanya College of Insurance



Until 1980: Various positions with Israeli Insurance Companies

1980-1984: Valuation Actuary, Liberty Life, Johannesburg, RSA

1984-1988: Co General Manager Maoz Insurance Co.

1988-1992: Appointed Actuary (external) for various

 Insurance Companies.

1988-1992: Local representative of Swiss Re.

1992-1996: Senior Deputy General Manager, I.L.D Insurance Co.

From 1996: Principal of Bar-Or & Associates, Consulting Actuaries

2000-2008: Consultant to Scor Re (previously Revios Re)

2008 to date: Co founder of 4 actuaries group.


Professional membership:

1980-        : Fellow of the Israel Association of Actuaries

1995-1998: President of the Israel Association of Actuaries and member of the Executive Committee, International Association   of Actuaries (IAA)

1995-   : Member of the Actuarial Standards Committee, IAA



1981: Co developer the 1st Dread Disease Cover in the world

1978: Developer of the 1st LTC cover in Israel.



Avi Bar-Or, Consulting Actuary,



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